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About Bond Busters

The economic climate in South Africa has been wavering for some time now.

With all of the fluctuations, inflation increases, and price hikes it is no wonder that South Africans are struggling to stay afloat. Luckily, Bond Busters is here to save you from drowning in your financial debt.

Bond Busters strives to assist South Africans

Bond Busters is an independent mortgage broker, however, they also allow customers the opportunity to get a handle on their debts. After all, a good credit record is a prerequisite for any type of lending. Finding the ideal solution to your financial predicament can be difficult which is why they are lifting that burden from your shoulders and taking full responsibility for it.

Property is the largest expense in the average individual’s portfolio, so why not make use of it to reduce some other debts? At Bond Busters they are dedicated to excellent customer service which means that they are prepared to go the extra mile.

They are an independent broker

As an independent mortgage broker, Bond Busters assists South Africans to find a mortgage with the best rate, terms, and conditions. However, they are also able to assist South Africans with their debt situations. If you own property, they can take the equity and use it to clear some of your debt. Their job is to compare the various options for mortgages and/or consolidation with their team of lenders.

Once they have negotiated and obtained the best deal possible, they will present the proposal to the client to decide whether or not they are happy with the conclusion. Otherwise, if you are unhappy, they will continue to search and negotiate until you are happy!

Bond Busters Services

Just because your mortgage is a large, long-term expense does not mean that you cannot use it to your advantage.

However, there are two different debt consolidation options available – one for homeowners and the other for non-homeowners.

How unsecured debt consolidation can help you?

Good debt consolidation is all about reducing the amount of interest and charges an individual is paying on their current outstanding debts. One of how to do this is by taking out an unsecured debt consolidation loan. Because the unsecured option is not secured against a property, it tends to have higher interest rates due to the increased lender’s risk.

Thus, smaller amounts (under R50 000) are more suited as they accumulate less interest over time and are paid off faster. As there is no equity from the property, the loan amount is lent to the customer and repaid over time.

How secured debt consolidation can help you?

Of course, secured debt is the opposite of the former option. The use of home loans in debt consolidation is popular as home loans are the cheapest option due to the large security. The secured loan uses the equity of the property to consolidate the debts. Equity refers to the difference between the market value of the property and the cost price.

This is not only a more inexpensive way to consolidate, but it is also cheaper. Credit cards, store cards, short-term loans, and car loans are all types of debt that can be consolidated into one large monthly repayment.

Bond Busters – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Consolidation loans

Benefits of Bond Busters

  • Get advice on remortgaging
  • High-quality services from expert consultants
  • Effective debt solutions

Find the financial middle-ground with Bond Busters

South Africans can start enjoying the benefits of Bond Buster’s consolidation by signing up and completing the application.

Once this is done, the application is assessed, and a potential lender is assigned to the customer.

How you can apply for assistance?

Applying can be done via the Bond Busters website where the customer will only need to complete a short loan application form listing all relevant information needed to make an informed decision. They will then compare the needs against the board of lenders they are affiliated with.

What are your application requirements?

Brokers do not generally have application requirements. Bond Busters, in particular, want to assist those who need assistance the most. But the lenders each have their requirements that will need to be met.

The following general requirements can be expected:

  • The applicant should be over eighteen
  • All applicants must be South African residents
  • The application must be employed full-time to apply 

Helping you to help yourself

Bond Busters believes that an informed customer will make better financial decisions. This is why they have an array of financial calculators on their website from which you will be able to determine your consolidation costs versus your current costs.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

Thanks to Bond Busters I was able to use my available equity to consolidate my outstanding debts. My current debt portfolio has never been in better shape!

Collette R
— Butterworth —

May 2019

It is so refreshing to find a broker that cares about the financial wellbeing of the South African public. I recommend Bond Brokers – they are friendly and super-efficient.

Dale M
— East London —

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