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About ZAR Financial

ZARfin was started by a man named Alrick Sangster, who was a commercial banker for 27 years but saw a need in the market and mainly in the area of finance.

The road to success

So as a financial planning provider, they at ZARfin have in-depth knowledge on how to guide you and advise you on this road to financial success. They have comprehensive products on offer and focused service. You will learn so much with them and from them, especially on how to plan, what works for your retirement, investments, and life savings. They want to get you out of the debt cycle and into a culture that is all about saving.

Lump-sum investments

When it comes to lump-sum investing and business loans ZARfin takes on the risk and you just enjoy the rewards. If your investment has not grown in 3 years then you don’t ever pay for them to set up your investment portfolio. This is a tax-efficient investment and there is a fee that is attached to it.

ZAR Financial Services

They are focused on two specific areas of finance and those are investments and insurance.

A range of services

Both of them are equally important and they will have a bit of a deeper look at both of them and see what they have to offer you as the consumer. It is always important for you to do your own homework and research everything. If there is one thing to note is, never accept anything at face value. You never know what is waiting for you down the road.

Regular investments

They have different investment categories that bring different returns. They can help you reach your investment goals with their investment solutions. You are given the opportunity to invest in different asset classes and the flexibility of investing over different time zones.

ZAR Financial – Short-term loan

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Benefits of ZAR Financial

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Short-term loan calculator

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Let ZAR Financial help you achieve financial independance

It is so important to have life and risk insurance as life can change in an instant and you always want to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

A large percentage of all working South Africans have bad credit. And unfortunately, a lot of that debt at death will fall on the remaining spouse. And due to the stresses of debt, the average South African already has 2 severe illnesses in their lifetime. Let’s have a look at two types of insurance.

A legacy cover

What you leave behind for your children is so important. They know that in this day and age as the economy is always fluctuating, all people want is for their kids to have the best life has to offer, and why not start with the Education benefits that they have on offer?

The Education benefit allows for your child/ren to carry on with their schooling without having to be concerned about where the money will come from. What does the benefits cover? It covers tuition costs and anything else that is related to your children's education should you become permanently disabled, fall sick with a life-threatening illness or pass away.

Living lifestyle cover

There are a few good reasons why it is important to have a living lifestyle covered. As everyone knows we live in a stress-related world environment and many South Africans live an unhealthy lifestyle.

So with the living lifestyle cover, you get comprehensive cover and financial security for more than 150 different critical illnesses. You also get medical advancement protection and that is for when you need surgeries or medical assessments and because this kind is of its first, it's free of charge.

Full flexibility is suited to your benefit which allows you to choose a cover up to 65 years of age or your full life span. This living lifestyle benefit is unlike any other and the options that are given give you control to suit your needs and pockets.

Give yourself the best

When you think about a good investment or insurance cover, you always need to choose what is best suited for you.

With ZARfin, they want to give you that opportunity. They know that having a financial plan is critical. It allows you to cover and prepare for any pitfalls that may come in the future.

With them, you can be prepared for those pitfalls. They will walk with you and guide you and make sure that the choices you make concerning your investments or your insurance are the best ones out there for you. Tailor-made to suit your pocket and needs.

Don’t hesitate, the sooner you act the better. Every cover has different requirements so choose one that you know you can afford and watch what ZARfin can do for you. They are dedicated to making your journey with them a good one. For any questions on any of their products, please don’t hesitate to contact them. Send them a message on-site or email them or give them a call.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

Thank you to ZARfin for the products you have on offer, my eyes are now open

Keith F
— Benoni —

April 2019

Couldn’t be any happier than what I am now, knowing that my family is looked after. Grateful

Warren K
— Morningside —

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