Say goodbye to debt permanently in these few simple ways

become debt free permanently
Become debt-free permanently

Have you ever truly paid any attention to those who say “think positive thoughts” or good energy attracts good into your life?

Or did you simply switch off, because you’re not typically into the psychobabble of those who believe in the power of the mind?

The truth is, that it may all seem as though it bordering on the fantasy spectrum, however, it actually isn’t at all. Statistics have shown that those who believe that good things will happen to them, often end up being among the lucky ones who have small fortunes and unexpected joys come into their lives. The same had been proven through the power of thought when it comes to your finances.

The poorer or financially struggling individuals in this country seem to stay in their less than fortunate situation. This is a result of feeling negative about their current status and even less hopeful about the idea of being able to overcome the debt trap that they’re in. They walk around mouthing off about how tight things are, how expensive everything is, how they’re struggling to afford to even drive, eat or make it through to the next payday! with all that negativity going on, how is one ever meant to change the situation and turn it into something positive, like wealth?

Thinking about debt only attracts more of it. Therefore, the antithesis would ring true also, in that thinking about wealth, will surely attract wealth! When all your thoughts that pertain to finances are negative, how would one go about conjuring up any positive ones to inspire new ways to grow your money? It makes sense when you think of it that way, doesn’t it?

It’s not all thought invoking ways that will keep you permanently on a debt-free path, but it’s certainly the start of them. Let’s have a look at a few others that will have you on the path to perpetual financial freedom:

Imagine your wealth, ditch the thoughts on debt

There’s no doubt that we all think about, talk about and deal with money every day of our lives. Surely then if we continue to think of it as a negative aspect of our day, we’re shutting out creativity on how to make money or help grow our money. Turn those negative thoughts into dollar signs.

Pay your bills willingly

Try not to cringe each time you have to pay a bill. If you pay it with a smile on your face, chances are you’re happy with your financial situation and less likely to attract negative thoughts around paying for services that you feel you need in your daily life. This simple habit will inspire even better habits with your finances.

Take stock of what you have

Appreciation and a bit of gratitude might go a long way. This might sound a bit airy-fairy to you, but it’s certainly been known to work for others. What you put out into the universe gets harvested somewhere out there and you will reap some handsome rewards. Being grateful and humbling yourself to acknowledge that which you already have, invokes self-worth which leads to other positive outcomes.

Steer clear from those who live the struggle

You are the company you keep. Ever heard that saying? I’m sure we all have and it’s because there’s no greater truth. If you surround yourself with individuals who incessantly complain about money, but have no ambition to better their circumstances, then there’s no incentive to do this yourself. Surround yourself with wealthy people and see how your desire to become debt-free and wealthy is all you can think about.

Drop the “D” word

Avoid mentioning debt at every turn. The more you speak about it, the more real it is, the less likely you will feel you can overcome it. Speaking of your future wealth and plans to grow your money, the debt will naturally start to dissipate.

Visit fabulous places

Put yourself in a position where you’re surrounded by nice things, things that ordinarily might be out of your financial reach. By seeing these man-made luxuries, is proof that anyone can have what they want if they just put their minds to it. Focus on developing a life that you can be in control of financially.

Purchase the occasional fancy item

This might seem absurd at first. But if you spend just a little extra money and buy the fancy thin-stemmed glasses, when you realise the impact that they have in your household and the quality they bring, you’ll slowly start to desire more superior items. By owning items such as these and craving more, you’ll focus on how to make more money to accumulate further collections of items that boost your financial as well as personal ego.

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