What you need to know about a bad credit loan

Need to know bad credit loan
Approval for bad credit loans South Africa

If you have bad credit, you will be happy to know that there are still lenders out there that are willing to approve your loan application.

What is Bad credit?

Bad credit is when you have a fairly poor credit score, which is determined by your credit report. It is compiled information pertaining to all your lenders, the amounts owed to each lender as well as your frequency of payments.

Consequently, if you have defaulted on payments or have a tendency to repay late, this will affect your overall score, which gives you bad credit.

There are traditional and online bad credit lenders available to assist you should you require funding, however, this is what you need to know about loans for bad credit.

Higher interest rates & fees

When you apply for a loan with bad credit, you are regarded as high-risk. You will as a result find that bad credit loans often carry higher interest rates and have additional fees. Ensure that you fully understand the fine print of your lender before you agree to the loan and its terms.

Consolidation method

Perhaps you had a heap of medical bills that you could not pay. It is in these particular situations that a personal loan might come in handy. If you have bad credit, you can still apply for a loan and better your current financial situation. It is also one way that you can avoid high-interest claims from a variety of providers. It makes sense to consolidate debt repayments into one repayment.

Lower loan amount

A reputable lender will not loan an excessively high amount to an individual with bad credit. Therefore, you should steer clear of lenders that do offer very high amounts on bad credit loans. You will find that reputable lenders often offer lower amounts to individuals with bad credit as not to worsen their financial situation.

Avoid high penalties

This is where a bad credit personal loan can really assist you financially. If you have already defaulted on certain payments, you might be charged high penalties and fees for late payments. Avoid these penalties by applying for a bad credit personal loan and it could save you some money on interest, penalties and other related fees.

Improve your credit score

By applying for a bad credit loan, you might be able to improve your overall credit score. It will require that you stick to your repayments. Over time, this will reflect on your credit report.

Quick approval

With a variety of traditional and online bad credit loan lenders, you will not have a problem enjoying approval of your loan. Loans are generally paid out faster than you would think. It offers you an almost instant cash solution.

Secured Bad credit loans

If you are able to secure a bad credit loan, you might find that you are able to loan a very high amount. However, keep in mind; should you default on your repayments, your lender will be entitled to your asset/s.

Bad credit loan calculator

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Unsecured Bad credit loans

Online lenders are particularly popular for offering unsecured bad credit loans. It means that you could apply and have approval on a bad credit loan without any hassle.

Bad credit loans are there for you should you need financing but do not qualify for any other standard loan. It is a financial solution for individuals who are already in an unwanted financial situation.

Ensure that you apply the necessary research when seeking a bad credit loan lender. Additionally, familiarise yourself with any other additional costs, fees, or terms and conditions. The most important step is finding a lender that suits your requirements.

Popular & reliable direct lenders offering Loans bad credit

  1. Blink Bad credit loan


    • Loans up to R4,000
    • Term up to 65 days
    • Interest up to 38%
  2. Finsap Bad credit loan


    • Apply in 5 minutes
    • Reliable loans
    • Interest from 5.0%
  3. Boodle Bad credit loan


    • Loans up to R4,000
    • Term up to 32 days
    • Interest from 60%
  4. uBank Bad credit loan


    • Loans up to R180,000
    • Term up to 72 months
    • Interest up to 27.50%