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About Power Pack

At one point or another, every small business finds itself looking for funding for its small business.

It’s a time-consuming process trying to find funding for any business let alone your own. And then after looking and applying you still may not have found the funding you are looking for to expand your business.

You should choose Power Pack

You don’t need a large business loan, and there are low monthly overheads, compared to high-profit margins and instant cash flow. Marketing costs are low as well. You have the choice of running your business full-time or flexi-time. Signs are needed everywhere for every company, big or small. Production is quick and there are net profit margins of 64% on sales, after the expenses.

You can easily transport equipment from one place to another, ensuring that you obtain a national work contract. You would need a small manufacturing area, as well as small staff and low overhead due to the electrical equipment replacing the need for manual work.

Power Pack Services

The sign industry is growing at a steady pace each year and there are many new technologies that are making it easier for a sign business to produce quality.

Your first-year sales will depend a lot on how you market your business and where you are situated. So location plays a big role in how well your sales will do.

What to keep in mind

The materials, specifications, size of an exterior sign should be something to always be mindful of. Your client is working with a budget so make sure that you are open and honest about what to expect. Banners are an affordable and flexible option. Whether they are vinyl, indoor, outdoor or full colour. Many companies use those on a regular basis for their affordability.

When it comes to graphic designs, you are creating a moving advertisement. Whether they want it on their car or van its an opportunity for you to show the good quality work that comes from your signage business.

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Benefits of Power Pack

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As with anything in life in order for you to acquire a skill or to perfect a talent, practice and training are involved.

With Power Pack, they offer you all the training that is needed to kick start your signage business as well as package deals which include training in practical and theoretical in all signage.

They save you time and money

They will teach you techniques that will save you time and money. This will ensure you have a competitive edge in generating immediate high-profit cash flow, quickly and efficiently.

How to sign up

You can fill out a loan application form on the site or you can contact our offices directly. Or come visit them in their office space. They will then be in contact with you and arrange an interview.

The tools to help you expand your business

Here at Powerpack, they offer you a complete turnkey, no franchise fee business, for entrepreneurs who want to enter the sign industry. They supply everything you need to get you up and running quickly. They are simply the best value in the industry.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2019

Owning a business has never been this easy and simple before. Powerpack really lives up to what they promise you

Simone K
— Hatfield —

September 2019

I never thought that I was capable of learning anything new or practical for that matter. But now with the skill that I acquired, many doors of possibilities have opened up to me

David H
— Pretoria —

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