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About ProfitShare Partners

ProfitShare Partners (PSP) was founded in 2017 by Andrew Maren, an ex-banker and serial entrepreneur.

ProfitShare Partners sees itself as your short-term joint venture equity partner rather than just a credit provider. They provide funding on a transaction basis and share in the profit of that transaction.

They provide short-term loans or fixed-term funding for clients who can grow their businesses but don’t qualify for loans or credit facilities from traditional lenders.

Helping your business grow

ProfitShare does this to assist its clients in achieving financial sustainability so that they can qualify for traditional finance or credit solutions.

They do not invest in your company but rather work on investing in your ability to complete an order. ProfitShare will consider any order of R250,000 or more to partner with you on. They don’t charge interest on standard transactions. If the transaction guarantees a profit they’ll share the profit.

This unique partnership model gives access to finance to small businesses without needing to qualify for a loan. No trading track record, financial records, or security is required.

Lack the start-up capital you need to succeed?

Starting and growing a business requires the will to succeed and the ability to finance this great idea. Small businesses tend to fail due to a lack of capital. Don’t let the lack of capital stop you from owning and running your dream business.

ProfitShare Partners believe that the drivers of the economy are entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. Small business owners often face risks due to cash flow constraints and accessing funds for transactions to deliver products and services to clients can be difficult.

Connect with profit Share for an obligation-free quote where all the terms, conditions, and fee structures are outlined.

ProfitShare Partners bridge the gap

ProfitShare Partners offers SMEs business loans that meets their exact needs. They’ll assist you in growing your business. They build their clients into profitable and sustainable businesses with a 0% performance failure rate.

ProfitShare Partners Services

With a global economy that’s always evolving, small businesses must be able to access funding opportunities quickly and easily.

Partner with PSP to manage your cash flow, remain competitive and thrive in this ever-changing environment using this fully digital online process for small businesses.

Whatever the reason is you may need to access funds ProfitShare Partners has got you covered.

Purchase order finance tailored to your business

Whether you need to fill a purchase order from a reliable public or private company to pay your suppliers before receiving payment, ProfitShare Partners will cover your purchase order for you.

Profit Share Partners will finance a contract with a legitimate company both in the public and private sectors.

Waiting for your customers who are late in paying your invoice, PSP will finance any approved invoice.

Import finance that caters to large transactions

Pay international suppliers, import costs, and duties upfront; PSP will cover your international purchases.

Short-term asset finance

Secure some short-term asset finance to buy a vehicle or small assets; ProfitShare Partners can cover you for up to 12 months.

Pay for production and manufacturing upfront so you can deliver on your commitments; secure your capital with ProfitShare Partners.

PSP has a solution for your every need. You can access between R250,000 – R5 million by completing a simple online application.

Product Development and Growth

There are many reasons why you need funding for your business. All companies need to stay innovative and relevant in a changing world. Keeping up with customers and competition can be an expensive investment for small businesses.

When you have the right kind of funding, you can grow and scale your business faster than you would do without it. Whatever your business needs are, ProfitShare has the financial solution for you.

ProfitShare Partners – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Loan Amount up to R5,000,000

Benefits of ProfitShare Partners

  • Quick online loan applications
  • Boost your cash flow
  • Get a quote in 48 hours
  • Finance for SMEs

Business loan calculator

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Access business finance with Profitshare Partners

ProfitShare Partners gives you access to finance your products and services in an easy online application process.

Access up to R5 million within 48 hrs

Whatever business finance solution you need, ProfitShare has the solution for you. Simply go to the product or service you need and apply for a loan online.

You’ll get an obligation-free quote within 24 to 48 hours. Once you’ve supplied the information required and accepted the quote and you are successful your money will be available within days.

SMEs who contract with credible organizations within the private or public sector can get their suppliers paid upfront before receiving payment from their customers. This means that ProfitShare Partners only get paid once you have received payment from your customers.

Boost your cash flow with ProfitShare Partners

You can also boost your cash flow and you don’t even have to worry about monthly repayments, simply settle your account with ProfitShare Partners when you get paid.

Once you’ve accepted the quote and agree to the profit share distribution, terms, and conditions ProfitShare Partners will pay the supplier and the goods can get delivered. When you receive payment you pay them back – job done!

That means you can churn out more satisfied clients in less time and grow your business quicker.

Plan for cash not flowing

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Sudden cash flow problems can strike and kill small businesses. A financial safety net is a must for any small business. Having something to fall back on will ensure you’re better able to deal with unexpected events and expenses.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2022

I was in need of a business loan and a friend informed me of the outstanding service that he received from ProfitShare Partners. I decided to fill in the application and they assisted me.

John R
— Alberton —

March 2022

I searched the internet for a company that could assist me with the funding I needed. I found ProfitShare Partners and decided to apply. They’re a great lender and I recommend them to anyone.

Candice J
— Sasolburg —

May 2022

I want to take this opportunity to thank ProfitShare Partners for giving me a business loan. I was able to expand my business and employ more staff members. They made my dreams come true.

Jason A
— Port Elizabeth —

ProfitShare Partners Contact

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