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About JustMoney

Getting sound advice is not always a commodity that is easy to come by. But JustMoney is a debt counsellor that you can rely on and depend on.

They have assisted many South Africans with their financial predicaments. Just as you are not the first you will definitely not be the last either.

About the lender that cares about you

Debt and financial problems can cause a fair amount of stress which is why their primary goal at Just Money is to reduce your stress. To do so they plan to offer fast, secure, and easy finance to get yourself out of the debt you are being drowned by.

With their help, you will not only be making better financial decisions today but for your future too. As dedicated financial advisors, they promise to do all that is in their power to help you achieve financial freedom.

How their services work

As financial advisors, they work as a type of broker. The good news is that their services are entirely free so, even though their customers are indebted, they will still be able to make use of their services. After reviewing your application they begin their search process. They will search for a debt consolidation loan for you. They use the information you have provided them with to find the ideal lender for your circumstances, the lender with the best terms, rates, and borrowing amounts.

However, you have the final say and they will never force a lender onto you. If you feel that they can do better, then send them back on the search and they will come back with a better offer.

JustMoney Services

While JustMoney focuses mainly on loan assistance, they can also help with insurance quotes. Isn’t it great to know that you can get all this assistance under one roof?

But today you are here to become financially fit so they plan to help you do just that.

Solve your financial issues

Debt consolidation is also referred to as debt refinancing. Essentially, a debt consolidation loan repays all of your current outstanding debts. So if you have a credit card, store card, and vehicle you are repaying, you can use a debt consolidation loan to repay all of these debts.

You will not be left repaying a single loan amount with a single interest rate and monthly charges per month instead of multiple debts with accumulative charges and interest. This will not only help you to save money in the long run, but it also makes your life much easier.

Debt consolidation vs debt counselling

As explained above, a debt consolidation loan is more of a debt refinancing tool, whereas, debt counselling assists overindebted South Africans to regain control of their finances. One of their debt counsellors will work with the customer and assist them to understand their financial position and explain how their position can be improved with a restricted repayment plan.

Once they have negotiated better fees and interest with the credit providers, you will be on a better path to financial wellness. Whether or not debt counselling is better for your circumstances than debt consolidation depends on the counsellor who is assisting your case.

JustMoney – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Consolidation loans

Benefits of JustMoney

  • Repair your credit score
  • Choose between flexible or fixed interest rate
  • Credit life insurance
  • Get out of debt
  • Flexible loan terms

JustMoney is there to offer advice you can rely on

Regardless of the type of financial assistance, you wish to receive, nothing can be done until you make the move.

So grab your laptop or your Tablet and get to complete that application!

What are the loan requirements?

As financial advisors, they do not have strict requirements – their doors are open to assist all. However, the lenders that they apply to do have requirements and they will make sure to find one that is suitable for your circumstances.

Some basic requirements that lenders have include the following. Borrowers should be:

  1. Over the age of eighteen
  2. In a position with full-time employment
  3. A South African citizen

Where do you apply?

To apply for their assistance you can simply complete the online loan application on their website – it will only take a few minutes. Otherwise, if you prefer to handle your debt face-to-face then come visit them in the branch and they can handle the application from there.

What documents do you need?

When you complete your application, online or in-branch, you will need the following documentation:

  • Certified copy of South African ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Three month’s bank statements
  • Proof of employment

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

What I love most about Just Money is that it is not all about the money. They are here to help you become financially able and to make the best of your financial situation.

Russell G
— Witwatersrand —

August 2019

Getting a debt consolidation loan was much simpler than I thought and it is definitely worth it.

Thandi N
— Port Elizabeth —

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