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About National Debt Advisors

Debt problems? Answer a few of  our quick questions below:

  • Is your monthly debt putting you under financial stress?
  • Are you falling behind on your monthly instalments or struggling to keep up with your payments?
  • Are your credit providers threatening you with legal action because of your arrears?
  • Have you ever considered debt counselling?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions contact NDA Today.

Who is NDA

NDA is a registered debt advisor company assisting and helping South Africans who need assistance in debt counselling. Recognised throughout South Africa, proudly receiving the winner for the 2020 Debt relief reward.

NDA values each client's needs

NDA has each client's best financial well-being at heart. With more than 400 fully qualified professional consultants ready to assist clients in debt distress. They understand how clients feel when having to deal with debt stress.

National Debt Advisors Services

NDA relieves their client’s financial stress

NDA knows the stress clients face having to deal with their credit providers and trying to settle new payment options and prices. Being threatened to have their assets taken away. And court judgements, it’s not just stressful but also time assuming when a client is already pressured not having the financial stability and is busy at work and most cases have family matters to attend to after hours.

Simple debt relief

In 2007 the National Credit Act produced Debt counselling, which helps consumers that are over-indebted. Meaning that consumers can apply for debt counselling, also known as debt relief. This helps consumers who are in financial trouble owing more than they earn. If that is the case they are over-indebted.

NDA offers a wide range of services

National Debt Advisors – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Consolidation loans

Benefits of National Debt Advisors

  • Manage your debt
  • Affordable debt consolidation loans
  • Reliable debt counsellors

NDA is there to help

NDA understands and can assist you with your financial stress, it might not seem possible but here are the six easy steps to follow if you want your financial freedom

Step 1 – apply online – by filling in their online contact form, one of our consultants directly. They will phone you back during working hours on the same day. They will explain exactly which steps you need to follow. The application process is very simple and is done over the phone or email.

Step 2 – you and your consultant will discuss your income and your monthly expenses. If the outcome is that you spend more than you earn, you are over-indebted and qualify for debt counselling.

Step 3 – Your NDA consultant will inform your credit providers and the Credit Bureaus that you are entering Debt relief with NDA. This is a big deal as your credit providers can not take legal action against you for 60 working days.

Step 4 – Your consultant will query all your debt from your credit providers, after receiving the certificate they will work out a debt recovery payment that suits your budget which you can comfortably repay.

Step 5- NDA will negotiate with your credit providers the new payment which has lower instalments and interest rates. They will ensure your credit providers that you will be able to afford the monthly payments and keep to your manageable debt repayment plan.

Step 6 – One of NDA's professional attorneys will apply to the magistrate's court to have your more manageable debt repayment plan declared and ask for a legally binding court order. The debt counsellor will apply on your behalf so you don’t have to appear in court.

Peace of mind in six easy steps.

NDA works with all major Creditors

  • FNB
  • Mr Price
  • Wesbank

Are you willing?

Are you willing to take the first step to financial relief, fewer sleepless nights of worrying over the next unsettling phone call or a letter of demand? Thousands of South Africans have taken the step and made use of debt management and counselling. NDA can save up to 50% on your monthly debt repayment and also assist clients who are blacklisted.

Apply online by filling in the small contact-me form and one of their consultants will phone you back during working hours. Doesn’t matter where in South Africa you are you can apply.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2020

After applying to NDA, our financial situation changed for the better, our consultant was helpful and assisting ten out of 10

Xolisa R
— Cape Town —

October 2020

One of my colleagues recommended NDA and me and my family were very happy with the service and the new instalment amount NDA was able to settle for us

Lindy D
— Port Elizabeth —

July 2020

Great service from the start made us feel like we were the only clients, thank you NDA for helping us

Vanessa R
— East London —

National Debt Advisors Contact

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