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COD Bridging Finance

  • Property bridging finance up to R320,000
  • Access to 80% of the nett bond
  • Finance for property buyers

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About COD Bridging Finance

COD Bridging Finance is part of the Attwood Group, a company with over 20 years of excellence in their field of property investment and development, asset management as well as hospitality.

COD has allowed the group to extend their services to those in need of quick, reliable, short-term finance.

Their directors and department heads offer a mix of expertise and experience which the company has leveraged to push ahead of the competition and lead the bridging finance industry with excellence.

Short-term bridging finance

Their primary offering is short term property bridging finance which strives to offer professionals and every day South Africans access to finance while they await a property related transaction.

Secured business loans

In addition to bridging loans, they also offer secured business loans of up to R250,000 to businesses and trusts for terms of between 6 and 9 months.

These loans are ideal for businesses which already have a number of business finance products and require an additional working capital boost. Security is typically offered in the form of a property bond.

COD Bridging Finance Services

COD Bridging Finance offers bridging loans with loan terms ranging from 2 to 3 months.

These loans are ideal for those awaiting the registration of a property in the Deeds Office but need immediate access to cash to cover costs and expenses.

Property bridging loans are available to:

  • Sellers of properties awaiting registration and payout
  • Buyers of properties awaiting the payment of a bond
  • Estate agents and principals awaiting the payment of commission due
  • Advances on bonds

Property bridging loans for buyers

If you're purchasing a property and require a loan to cover your transfer and bond costs, COD Bridging Finance can help. You need to provide them with a bond acceptance agreement, the offer to purchase and an attorney’s statement of account to secure this type of bridging loan.

Property bridging loans for sellers

If you’ve sold your property and your buyers have secured finance, you can obtain a loan of up to 80% of the surplus sale proceeds. This means that if you’re due a credit after settlement of your bond of R400,000 you may apply to obtain a loan of up to R320,000.

To obtain a property bridging loan as a seller you must provide COD Bridging Finance with your offer to purchase, proof of finance, bond settlement certificate, a rates and taxes statement or clearance certificate and a levy statement in the case of sectional title properties.

COD Bridging Finance – Property bridging loan

  • Loan Type Property bridging finance
  • Loan Amount up to R320,000

Benefits of COD Bridging Finance

  • Property Bridging Finance Specialists
  • Get a loan up to R320,000

Property bridging loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This property bridging loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Access quick bridging finance when you need it most

We all know just how stressful, sensitive, and time-consuming property transactions can be.

With a transfer time period ranging from two to three months, you may very well find yourself in a tight financial spot or unable to meet your financial obligations. With a bridging loan, you can access funds due to you from the proceeds of a sale or bond and ensure the transaction runs smoothly.

If you’re an agent that is awaiting the registration of a property, you can obtain an advance on the commission due to you and ensure your personal expenses or costs are covered.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller or property professional, COD Bridging Finance can help you access the funds you need right away. As soon as you have provided all the necessary information and documentation, COD will go about approving your credit application.

Documents required for a property bridging loan for sellers

  • Rates and taxes statement
  • Bond cancellation figures
  • A sale agreement
  • Proof of finance
  • Proforma statement of account or details of dedications that need to be made from the proceeds
  • A transfer status report
  • A completed COD finance agreement
  • Credit manager approval

Documents required by estate agents and principals

  • Offer to purchase
  • Bond approval or proof of finance
  • Transfer status report
  • Registration of agent/agency by the credit department
  • A completed COD finance agreement
  • Credit manager approval

If you're looking to get an advance on the proceeds of your bond then you need to provide COD Bridging Finance with your bond instruction, cancellation figures, the offer to purchase, bond costs invoice, a transfer status report and a completed COD finance agreement as well as confirmation of approval by the credit manager.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2020

COD helped me to get fast property bridging finance

Thomas G
— Johannesburg —

September 2020

I applied for a pension bridging loan from COD and the process was quick and easy

Winston G
— Pretoria —

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