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About TUHF

TUHF specialises in financing commercial properties within South Africa’s inner cities.

As specialists in low-income housing, they’ve positioned themselves as a leading inner-city property entrepreneur finance provider and are striving to achieve great change within the country’s bustling cities.

Once you’ve identified an area, building or site that you’d like to invest in and have prepared all the relevant information you can quickly and easily arrange to meet with a TUHF consultant and get your finance application underway.

Looking to set up a rental business within a township?

They also provide mortgage finance to entrepreneurs looking to establish and run rental businesses within townships. If you’re looking for property bridging finance, TUHF should be your lender of choice. They are able to offer bridging finance for up to 6 months and pride themselves in being able to make a lending decision quickly and efficiently.

Polish your property skills with TUHF

In addition to all their great finance options for those looking to become property entrepreneurs or those wishing to make a move on a huge investment opportunity within a declining inner-city.

TUHF offers exceptional training programmes for clients that will improve their property market knowledge and ensure they engage with other major stakeholders when it matters most.

One of the more progressive aspects of their training programme being their “green building” module which is certainly a subject that will continue to grow in importance considering the changing dynamics and both local and international regulations relating to environmental impact and related concerns.

In addition to this clients can benefit from property law, management, and economics modules that will certainly give you the edge you need to ensure business success.

TUHF Services

When obtaining project finance from TUHF, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a company that has the best industry knowledge and experience.

In addition, they’ve established powerful relationships with major role players in the market and are therefore able to facilitate a range of inner-city property refurbishment projects.

Quick decisions based on expertise and experience

As experts in inner-city markets, they understand all the risks involved and are able to make property and property bridging finance decisions accurately and within a reasonable risk threshold.

Whether TUHF is dealing with large corporate clients or new entrants to the property business, they take pride in their role of bringing new life to South Africa’s cities.

A hands-on approach that’s as unique as TUHF’s business model

While they strive to remain competitive, they aim to keep their hands-on approach and ensure all their clients are served as individuals.

The finance is to be used to upgrade properties and buildings and establish a secure low-income rental base that simultaneously regenerates the area and provides the rental business with a steady flow of income.

Bridging finance for short-term loans

If you need to cover short-term needs, TUHF can offer you a property bridging loan for up to 6 months that will get you up and running.

To apply for a short-term loan, you simply need to visit their website and complete their online loan application. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them and have one of their experienced consultants assist you.

TUHF – Property bridging loan

  • Loan Type Property bridging finance

Benefits of TUHF

  • Expert property bridging finance
  • Facilitation property investors 

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Changing the face of South Africa’s inner cities one building at a time

TUHF is geared toward financing projects which are planned by entrepreneurs with a good character, strong knowledge of their area, excellent management skills and reliable contacts.

All projects must be financially feasible and achieve TUHF’s inner-city regeneration goals. Emphasis will be placed on financing projects located in areas that are seeing major decline but are in close proximity to transport routes, schools, shops, and businesses.

This ensures that financed projects have the potential to uplift the community while ensuring the entrepreneur is able to repay their development or property bridging loan and generate a profit from their rental business.

Considering you and your project on an individual basis

One of the major benefits of approaching TUHF to finance your next inner-city refurbishment projects is that they will consider you and your project on an individual basis and take many factors into account. Their property expertise, resources, and experience with inner-city projects will ensure your rental business has the best chances of succeeding.

What TUHF expect from their clients

Business owners must be able to actively engage with TUHF and ensure that they’re consistently managing all aspects of setting up the rental business.

From obtaining clearance certificates and ensuring that the equity is in place, TUHF expects clients to ensure the process runs smoothly by doing their part and actively engaging in ensuring the process isn’t hampered by administrative issues including non-compliance.

As a South African lender with a loan book worth R3.1 billion, TUHF has financed more than 38,000 units and continues to make progress in transforming the country’s inner cities while ensuring their business continues to generate a profit and ensure their business remains a going concern for years to come.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2020

TUHF has fast online applications

Cindy T
— Pretoria —

June 2020

TUHF helped me get quick property bridging finance

Tom H
— Cape Town —

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