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About Debt Fresh

As experts in the field of debt recovery, Debt Fresh understands the struggles and hurdles that debt creates for your life.

But the good news is, that they know exactly how to create a fresh start in your life.

What they stand for at Debt Fresh

At Debt Fresh, their aim is to provide their clients with the clean slate that they need to move forward in life. Anything can happen which turns healthy debt into a massive problem. But, do not fret, they are here to make everything right again. Their expert team of debt review advisors will work closely with the clients to determine their exact needs and develop a sound course of action to restore financial freedom. They have a wide variety of financial products which are all designed to assist you on the road to recovery.

How their debt calculator can help

Not many people know about the wonders of their online calculators. They are truly a marvel in finance and are the perfect way for clients to get in touch with their own finances and completely understand their financial situation. The calculator will be able to help the client determine the exact consolidation amount they are able to afford, based on the monthly repayment that is displayed. Becoming financially fit is also about understanding your situation and, once you understand, you will be able to recover and prevent yourself from going down the same road again.

Debt Fresh Services

With their assistance, all your monthly debts can be consolidated into a single loan with an affordable repayment amount.

This is exactly why our debt consolidation loans are such a popular financial solution. Let’s find out more.

But what is Debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation loans are specifically formulated to assist clients on their road to financial recovery. If you have a mountain of credit cards, store cards, short-term loans, and the works then a debt consolidation loan will enable you to repay all these smaller debts and only have to pay off the large loan. Each small debt accumulates its own interest and fees but, once they are repaid, these amounts cannot add up which indirectly makes a debt consolidation loan the better option.

When is a Debt consolidation loan not viable?

A debt consolidation loan is only an unviable option when the repayments of the debt consolidation loan are higher than that of the combined debts the client was repaying. This will only happen if the consolidation loan’s interest rate is higher than that of the combined debts. But their financial advisors will sit with you and determine if the debt consolidation loan is the best option. Otherwise, if it is not meant to be, then they also have an array of other products that you might be interested in that will also help you to achieve your new financial goals.

Debt Fresh – Debt counsellor

  • Loan Type Debt counselling

Benefits of Debt Fresh

  • Safeguard your assets
  • Get one affordable monthly repayment
  • Lower interest rates

Make use of their services – you will not be disappointed

As debt alleviation specialists, they know exactly what is potting in the debt recovery market.

But to make use of their expert services you need to complete an application and from there, their expert team will be in contact with you to begin the process.

What do you need to be able to apply?

Just as lenders have requirements, they have a few of their own. The following requirements need to be filled in order to complete their application. The client should:

  • Be over the age of 18.
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Have a full-time job or full-time trustworthy income
  • Not be declared insolvent

Where do you complete the application?

To start the process, you need to complete their online application. This can be done via any device with Internet connectivity and it will only take a few minutes. If you prefer to do your finance face-to-face you can always visit them at their branch and complete the application with the assistance of one of their consultants.

The benefits of using their services

If you have chosen Debt Fresh as your financial debt recovery expert, you can expect a few benefits. When you make use of their services, they will arrange affordable debt repayments through debt restructuring. They can also lower the rates of the loan and provide you with complete asset protection throughout the debt review or debt counselling process.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Debt Fresh provides a fresh perspective to debt recovery and works around the clock to ensure that you receive the best treatment. If I ever need help again, they will be the ones that I approach...

Sandy M
— Cape Town —

August 2019

Thank you Debt Fresh for the patience, persistence, and willingness to help me on my path to recovery. You guys are super!

Andiwe Witbooi
— Soweto —

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