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About Fincheck

Fincheck offers South Africans a quick and simple way to compare finance and insurance deals to find the most suitable options for their needs.

Whether you’re looking for a personal loan, car finance, or debt counselling - Fincheck’s online portal will help you compare the market’s most competitive options. Matches are made based on a range of factors.

A range of leading lenders

Fincheck will compare products on offer from major banks as well as small, private lenders. This ensures that you can find an option that will suit your needs and match your current affordability.

Compare debt review service providers

In addition to banking and loan products, Fincheck can help you find a debt counsellor. If your debt has become overwhelming and you’re struggling to make your repayments, you may want to consider debt counselling.

Why compare debt counselling providers

Debt review is a process that can help you reduce debt and lower your monthly repayments so you have more money for every day living expenses.

By comparing providers, you can find one that offers what you need and has the expertise and track-record to get it right.

Fincheck Services

Fincheck can help you compare a range of insurance, banking and finance products online.

This includes debt counselling services which are provided by numerous specialised financial services providers.

What is debt counselling?

Debt counselling, also referred to as debt review is a process that helps over-indebted consumers restructure their debts through negotiation with creditors and budgeting. It is a legal process that is regulated by the National Credit Act.

How does it work?

In order to get the debt review process going, you will need to select a provider. This is where Fincheck can assist you. Simply complete their simple form and you’ll be provided with a host of debt counselors that can assist you.

Once you’ve chosen a debt counselling provider you will need to complete an online application. By providing details of all your debts, your income, and monthly expenses a debt counselor can review your finances and determine the best solution.

The debt counsellor will contact your creditors and negotiate your debts to lower interest, lower amounts owed or extend your loan terms as necessary.

This will be done while also working on a budget that ensures you have enough for your living expenses but also stay committed to repaying your debts.

Fincheck – Debt counsellor

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Benefits of Fincheck

  • Compare offers and apply online
  • Consolidate debt into one easy payment
  • Apply within 2 minutes

Finding your ideal debt review provider in minutes

While all debt review service providers are registered with the National Credit Regulator and will abide by the National Credit Act when providing you with debt counselling service - comparing is still crucial to success.

Debt counselling is a very involved process that, if not completed with expertise and care, can cause you more damage than good. This is why you need to find a debt counsellor that “clicks” with you and knows how to help you.

Fincheck has outlined both debt counselling and debt consolidation (which are two very different things) on their site. Once you’ve reviewed the information posted you can proceed to fill in their application form.

Do you qualify for debt review?

Your situation will be unique to you and, will have to be reviewed by a qualified debt counsellor to determine whether debt review would be a good choice. Although in many instances it will put an end to cash shortages, creditor harassment, and excessive interest, it’s not always the best option.

When you provide Fincheck with your personal details, they’ll be able to match your profile with a provider that is most likely to offer you suitable services. You will then be contacted by the respective provider and will have to complete an application with them directly.

What happens if your chosen provider can’t help?

Should the provider be unable to help you, the second most suitable option can be explored. You can also compare multiple options, such as debt consolidation as well as debt counselling. This allows you to explore more than one category and therefore ensure you select the options that are best for your situation.

Debt consolidation with Fincheck

Debt consolidation is another option that you could consider if you’re battling to manage debts. You’ll pay off your existing debts with a single, larger loan. While this will not necessarily lower the amount you’ll have to pay every month, it will make your debt much easier to manage.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2020

Would recommend Fincheck to anyone! I’ve taken out 3 loans with their help and was able to find just what I needed quickly and easily! Many thanks to the Fincheck team!

Samantha S
— JHB —

May 2020

I used Fincheck and found a debt counsellor that was literally a godsend for me! I would recommend their free service to all, really happy with the results.

Tuli S
— East London —

June 2020

Fincheck is so simple to use. I found a debt review provider in just minutes - and haven’t looked back since! I’m still making my monthly instalment and am looking forward to being debt-free soon...

Jason D
— Port Elizabeth —

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