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About Cash Drive

Many people have asked how a person can sell their vehicle and still drive it.

At Cash Drive, they make sure that their clients have the opportunity to buy back their assets after selling them. Upon selling the vehicle, clients transfer their title to Cash Drive but keep their vehicle. They provide a unique service specifically to give clients the chance of borrowing money against an asset and later have that purchase returned to their possession.

Sell your vehicle with Cash Drive

Cash Drive has been at the forefront of car pawn in South Africa for 40 years and counting. They have unique insight into the value of vehicles, making them a reliable option when you want the best value for your car. They are an accredited financial service with highly trained staff who make sure that clients borrow responsibly.

Cash Drive Services

Sell your car for the money and still drive it in 4 simple steps

Cash Drive now has only a platform where clients can apply in less than 5 minutes. The personal loan application process is easy and takes minimal effort as you only need to fill in your details. After applying, the client needs to ensure that all documents required for the application are in order. A consultant from Cash drive will contact you within an hour to talk about your request.

Asset evaluation

Cash drive has to determine the value of your vehicle for the next step of the process. They can do this on-site – at their Johannesburg branch, or in some instances, a consultant can visit your home. They have experienced staff who make sure that the asset is valued according to its actual worth. If the client is happy with the offer by Cash Drive, they can choose to continue with finalizing the deal. Now the client hands over the vehicle’s paperwork and other relevant documents, and it gets processed to finalize the deal.

Cash Drive – Pawn My Car

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Benefits of Cash Drive

  • Get your money instantly
  • Transparent agreements
  • Quick and free evaluation

Cash Drive offers unique and reliable services

The reason clients can drive their vehicle while borrowing money against it is that the title of the car is now possessed by Cash Drive.

If the client does not pay back the amount borrowed, Cash Drive can thus take full possession of the vehicle. As soon as the client pays the entire amount back, they receive the car's title.

Competitive deals

Cash Drive has years of experience on their side, which is why they offer top-of-range competitive deals on vehicles. Their employees provide a friendly, confidential service, and they pay great attention to detail. They are committed to handling people professionally and ensure clients that Cash Drive will handle their details with discretion. The deals offered are transparent with no hidden costs. Clients can expect fast decision-making and completion of contracts from the staff.

Get your money and drive away with your car

Cash Drive needs to verify ownership and transfer it to their name. So in simple terms, the client has sold the car's title for money but still keeps the car. As soon as the vehicle is in their name, the client receives the money

Deals that favor the client

The main benefit of working with Cash Drive is that they make sure clients take on deals that allow them to, in the end, have full ownership of their vehicle again. Clients are allowed to pawn a car and still drive it. Cash Drive ensures that clients can pay back what they borrowed so in the end, they can receive their car title again.

Required documents when applying

An essential requirement is that your asset must be fully paid and in your name. Clients need to provide the original ownership papers (RC1) of the vehicle upon application. The vehicle service book can benefit the sale because it increases the value, so please bring that with you.  Cash Drive also needs Identification from the client in the form of a valid SA Id, driver's license, and proof of address for the past three months.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2019

Cash Drive helped us borrow against our car, and In the end, we got more than we expected! They knew the value of what we had better than we did. Thank you for your honest and quick service.

Hibbers H
— Rosebank —

July 2020

I received my money without any hassles from Cash Drive within hours after evaluating my car. They made the whole process smooth and easy.

Karen A
— Randburg —

May 2020

Thank you to the staff at Cash Drive for helping me apply for the loan against my vehicle. They answered all my questions in a friendly way and did not mind helping me throughout the process.

David A
— Roodepoort —

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