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  • Pawn my car up to R2,000,000
  • No hidden costs
  • Quick and professional services

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About Pawncars4cash

Are you thinking about turning one or some of your assets in cash quickly and safely?

How about getting a convenient loan against your car to have some quick cash? Pawncars4cash can help you to do this at your convenience. 

The 6 steps to pawn your car loan process

  • Step 1: If you are familiar and comfortable with filling out online applications, then this is where you can start, by visiting the Pawncars4cash’s website. If you feel that you are not comfortable filling out an online form, then do not stress, because a quick call to an assistant will take care of your 1st The online assistant takes all the required information and you will be 1 step closer to receiving your cash.
  • Step 2: Once you have completed step 1, Pawncars4cash will make you an instant offer based on the information relative to your vehicle.
  • Step 3: After you have received your instant offer from Pawncars4cash, the next step is a vehicle evaluation. All it requires of you is to either visit the closest Pawncars4cash branch or to have a pawnbroker come to you so that you can have your car valued by an experienced professional evaluator. This is an important step to ensure that you receive the best value for your car.
  • Step 4: After your professional evaluation, the next step involves some paperwork. You will be required to fill in some documents to complete the final paperwork to receive your cash for pawning your vehicle with Pawncars4cash.
  • Step 5: Once the paperwork has been finalized, you receive your instant cash loan. As a client of Pawncars4cash, you can take advantage of the same-day cash availability benefits. If all of your paperwork meets the criteria or requirements, you potentially could walk away with your cash in hand on the very same day!
  • Step 6: Receive a Free Rental Car while you pay back your loan against your car. With quick loans above R30 000, you could receive a free rental car to drive while you pay back your loan.

Pawncars4cash Services

Loans against your car can be anywhere from R10 000 up to R2 million, all depending on the value that your car holds.

This is handled in step 3 when an expert evaluator has evaluated your car, obviously ensuring that you get the best deal when you pawn a car, which means more money in your pocket.

No credit checks for pawn car loans

A great benefit that all Pawncars4cash clients experience is, when receiving your loan against your car, there are no credit checks. That’s correct! No credit checks! Not only could you receive your cash from your loan on the same day as completing your paperwork, but you will also experience the great benefit of no credit checks before your loan is considered.

Guaranteed discretion

Pawncars4cash handles all processes as discreetly and efficiently as possible, to guarantee you the best service, that will leave everyone involved with a smile on their face and better yet, with you having cash in ur pocket.

Loans for your needs

Whether you require the entire amount of the value of your car or just a portion of it, Pawncars4cash can help you out. Deals are catered to your needs to make sure that you get the best deal suitable for you, tailored to whatever you need some quick cash for.

Pawncars4cash – Pawn My Car

  • Loan Type Pawn my car
  • Loan Amount up to R2,000,000

Benefits of Pawncars4cash

  • No surprise charges
  • Services are nationwide
  • Same day cash payout

Get a great deal when you pawn your car with Pawncars4cash

Pawncars4cash is here to help you Pawncars4cash when you need it most, most efficiently, and safely possible, by just putting your car up as collateral.

They will meet you right where you are with 6 easy steps to help you get cash for your needs, within the same day.

With loans for your needs, no credit checks, no hidden costs, same-day cash pay-outs, and 100% security, what could be holding you back from getting the cash you need by providing your car as collateral? Well, furthermore, you are not limited by the area that you live in within South Africa, because Pawncars4cash has nationwide services, operating in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

Quick cash payout

Along with same-day cash payouts, no credit checks, and loans catered towards your needs, another benefit for all Pawncars4cash clients is that you can pawn a car and still drive it. Throughout the entire process of you putting your car up for pawn, there are no hidden costs and you can enjoy a simple, streamlined procedure. Quick, safe, and easy for you, as a Pawncars4cash client.

Privacy and confidentiality are important

As a Pawncars4cash client, rest assured, you are valued and as a part of showing how valued you are, Pawncars4cash guarantees a 100% private and confidential policy. All your information is kept strictly classified and secure.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

Pawn Cars 4 Cash helped me to not lose my business during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The cash funds for my loan were paid immediately. The service was indeed discrete and professional. Th...

Lynn N
— Cape Town —

May 2020

“I was very appreciative of the help I received from Pawn Cars 4 Cash. My application was processed in 25 minutes and my money was in my account very quickly. I went to 3 similar companies and Pa...

Wayne H
— Johannesburg —

July 2020

I am very happy with the service that I received! The entire process was quick, professional, and easy. At first, I was nervous to go through the process but I was in a difficult position. After ...

Cindy C
— Port Elizabeth —

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