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About Cash Quick Auto

Wanting to sell your vehicle but still need the transport of a vehicle.

Maybe you’ve been want to pawn a car so that you can buy another car, but you still need your car until you find your dream car? Maybe you need some money and would like to pawn a car, still drive it and pay back the amount that you borrowed? This can be quite a dilemma, however, with Cash Quick Auto this is a problem of the past and you finally have an answer to your catch 22 position.

Keep your vehicle when you pawn it

Cash Quick Auto is here to help you get cash for your vehicle very easily and quickly, all while you still remain mobile. In fact, you can get cash for your vehicle and still drive it. All the help you will need in selling your vehicle whilst still keeping it is available to you directly from Cash Quick Auto, which is located right here in Cape Town, South Africa.

All you need to know about the process

So what are the requirements? Step into Cash Quick Auto’s office in Woodmead, Johannesburg or if you do not live in Johannesburg, just visit the amazingly user-friendly website and fill in an inquiry to get in touch with Cash Quick Auto right now. Their services are not just limited to only Johannesburg but all around South Africa. There is no reason for you to miss out on either this or all of the offers that are available to you as a Cash Quick Auto client.

Cash Quick Auto Services

You are guaranteed approvals for the sale of your car immediately by just completing a form that will take you five minutes or less.

The best part is that you will be assisted every step of the way by Cash Quick Auto’s consultants. They are friendly and here to give you all the help you need, whether you visit the office in Woodmead or over the phone.

Experience guarantees genuine service

Agreed that this could all sound too good to be true, but with over 10 years’ worth of experience, you are guaranteed complete privacy and transparency from the get-go, with a quick and pain-free turnaround process.

Immediate Pay-outs

The payouts that you will receive for your vehicle are immediate and before you know it you will pawn your car still drive it in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or anywhere near you.

More than you could ever expect

Cash Quick Auto doesn’t just offer you all these great benefits that have been mentioned above, but there’s more! The price that you are given for your vehicle will undoubtedly be the best deal for you, which will ensure that the price that you receive for your vehicle will be nothing but the best, just like everything else you can expect from Cash Quick Auto, nothing but the best for all clients.

Cash Quick Auto – Pawn My Car

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Benefits of Cash Quick Auto

  • Quick payouts
  • Get the best prices
  • Reliable lender

Get excellent services with Cash Quick Auto

Cash Quick Auto is just one click away.

If you are ready to sell your vehicle or pawn it for cash that will be paid immediately, then do not hesitate to contact Cash Quick Auto. You can do so through their website where you can fill out that quick form or even send a WhatsApp or grab the telephone number to get in touch directly with one of the consultants who are ready to help you.

Become a valued client

By partnering with Cash Quick Auto today you will allow yourself the opportunity to open so many other doors that are right in front of you, just waiting to be unlocked. These opportunities are at your fingertips, with the help from the only company in South Africa that lets you sell your vehicle and still drive it in South Africa. As a client, you are valued, after all, Cash Quick Auto is in the business of helping people, which includes you! With more than a decade of experience, you are not the only client that will have partnered with Cash Quick Auto.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2020

Service was amazing from the Cash Quick Auto team! Cash Quick Auto is more than efficient and extremely hands-on throughout the entire process. It truly was a surprise to see how Cash Quick Auto ...

John D
— Sandton —

August 2020

Cash Quick Auto is the best place to get the best deal. They are very professional and offer great service. I would recommend Cash Quick Auto to everyone and anyone looking for a really great dea...

Gideon G
— Roodepoort —

October 2019

I really had a great experience with Cash Quick Auto. I give them 5 stars all the way, for their incredible service and professionalism. I am very happy and would definitely recommend Cash Quick ...

Tareku B
— Midrand —

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