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  • Pension bridging loans up to R9,000
  • Competitive rates
  • Repayment up to 65 days

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About Binixo

Get a pension bridging loan easily online through Binixo.

They've spent the last three years connecting people to trusted South African lenders and would like to show you the easy way to get finance.

As a pensioner, you'll know that getting financing to cover the gap between now and the end of the month can be a difficult and lengthy process. Whether you need a quick loan to cover the expenses between the middle and end of the month or are waiting for a large payout and need cash for an emergency.

A simple way to access fast cash

Binixo has come up with a simple way to apply for and receive a pension bridging loan in no time at all. Their application process is paperless and entirely online. Binixo is a broker and will be able to find you a lender who can offer you interest rates and repayment periods that suit you.

Binixo doesn't need you to give any proof of income. They work with local lenders who know how difficult pensioners find it to get a loan and are willing to extend trust and aid in your time of need. All you need is a valid bank account and a South African ID.

Get up to R9,000 

Through Binixo you can get a pension bridging loan of between R300 and R9000 with a repayment term of up to 65 days. You could pay as little as 0.01% on your first loan. Binixo boasts of a 99.9% success rate for loan applicants.

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  • Payday loans
  • Short term loans
  • Debt review loans
  • Personal loans
  • No credit check loans
  • Quick loans

The application process is easy and takes a few minutes. 15 minutes after your loan is approved money will be reflected in your bank account. The information you share with Binixo is secure and will only be available to the lenders who process your application.

Binixo Services

Binixo provides a fast simple solution to your cash flow problems.

By applying for a pension bridging loan through them you will have access to lenders who won't wrap you up in red tape and take months to come back with an answer.

Bad credit solutions on offer

Using Binixo as your broker you will also be able to apply for a bad credit loan. Their trusted lenders will be willing to extend the loan to you without any proof of income. As long as you have a South African ID and a valid bank card you will be able to apply for a loan.

People with bad credit records will be charged a higher interest rate because they pose a higher risk to the lender. Binixo makes sure you get an offer that is both fair and won't cause you more financial distress.

Visit Binixo's website to see their tips on how to improve your credit rating and keep you off the blacklist.

Fees that might be included in your installment:

Initiation fee:

Most lenders will charge you an initiation fee. This a fixed amount that will vary between lenders. You can pay it off in one payment at the beginning of the loan period or you can have it divided up into your monthly installments.

Interest rate:

The interest rate will differ between lenders and the various pension bridging loans. By using Binixo as your broker you'll receive more than one offer allowing you to choose the rates and terms that suit you.

Administration fee:

This fee will also differ from one lender to another. This fee covers the cost of things like phone calls, paperwork, and updating your monthly statement.

Binixo – Pension bridging loan

  • Loan Type Pension bridging loans
  • Loan Amount up to R9,000
  • Repayment 4 days to 65 days

Benefits of Binixo

  • Loan applications are easy and convenient
  • No added fees or costs
  • Apply for a loan 24/7

Pension bridging loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This pension bridging loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Trust Binixo to get you the best pension bridging loan

Binixo has streamlined and simplified the entire application process.

Applying for your pension bridging loan online will save you both time and money.

What you'll need:

  • A South African ID
  • To be between 18 and 90 years old
  • An Internet connection and access to an email account
  • A cell phone
  • A valid bank card

On Binixo's site use the sliders to choose how much you would like to borrow and how the number of days you would like to pay it off. Fill in your personal details and apply. The online loan application system is automated and you'll receive an email or SMS within minutes.

Reasons to choose Binixo as your pension bridging loan broker:

  • The whole process is quick, easy, and convenient
  • You don't need to stand in long queues
  • You can apply for free with no hidden costs
  • You won't be asked for any more paperwork
  • You may get paid out in as little as 15 minutes
  • Your loan will have the best terms and interest rate Binixo's lenders can offer

Binixo will get you the lowest possible interest rate on your first loan. They pride themselves on offering you the best of everything including service. They have been brokering loans since 2017 and are trusted by people in Mexico, Spain as well as countries in Eastern Europe.

Binixo offers you the best service with the best repayment rates. Apply now for your pension bridging loan and let Binixo bring you peace of mind with no strings attached.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2020

I got my pension bridging loan Binixo. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast they were. Great service guys!

David W
— Johannesburg —

March 2020

Binixo really came through for me just in time. They were so quick and they didn’t even ask for my payslip!

Thobile M
— Capetown —

October 2020

I needed to get my grandchild to the doctor right in the middle of the month. I applied for a loan from Binixo and they got it for me. I’m really impressed.

Amandla H
— Port Elizabeth —

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