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About Green Door Loans

Are you at your wits end with how long it's taking to receive your pension payout?

Green Door Loans offers you a simple and speedy solution! With their focus based specifically on pension bridging loans, they can offer you the best service at competitive rates.

When life happens, Green Door Loans has your back

Whether you were retrenched, chose to resign, or are at the point in your career where retirement beckons, life goes on, and bills need to be paid.

You can use your loan to pay for anything you choose, whether it be a trip Mpumalanga to visit family or to pay school fees. Pension bridging loans were brought about with this in mind.

Green Door allows you to borrow a portion of the payout amount using your pension policy as security. These secured short term loans generally have low-interest rates and affordable fees. Depending on your loan agreement type, you will pay back the full loan amount once your policy pays out.

Simple, quick, and tailored to you

Many lenders may allow you to pay off this loan over a maximum of 3 months depending on your loan agreement. This means you will not be tied to loan repayments that drain your finances for years to come.

The best part about applying for your pension bridging loan from Green Door Loans is that the application process is clear cut and easy.

Once your application receives approval, the loan amount goes directly into your bank account. They keep you informed through the process and carefully consider every application.

You are one quick, easy application form away from the joy of knowing your financial obligations will be taken care of. Let Green Door Loans take care of the process while you take care of life.

Green Door Loans Services

Green Door is dedicated to assisting people stuck between their last payslip and pension or provident fund payout.

When it comes to debt, you want to choose the option that suits your circumstances. Many other personal loan options offer great benefits, but pension bridging loans save you the time and trouble of slogging through countless options that you have to adjust to suit your situation.

It's a secured short-term loan

This kind of loan is considered a low-risk loan by lenders. Which means you can expect lower fees and much better terms. Add that to the fact that it's also a short term loan that can be paid off in a single payment saving you monthly interest payments.

Quick turnaround time

Green Door Loans promises a fast turnaround time from application to the cash being deposited in your account. After you sign the loan agreement, you could receive payment in a matter of days.

Pension bridging loans are by nature processed quickly so that you don't have to hold your breath until your pension comes through.

No more wasted time

You won't have to spend precious hours searching the internet for quick loan deals that are flexible enough to suit your needs.

With one application form or phone call, you'll have everything you need to start the loan process that is specifically tailored to your situation.

Green Door Loans are available to answer any queries you may have about their process. Their friendly and efficient service will convince you that you have found the perfect lender.

Green Door Loans – Pension bridging loan

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Benefits of Green Door Loans

  • Get regular updates on the pension payout process
  • Competitive deals on pension bridging finance
  • A fast and friendly service

Pension bridging loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This pension bridging loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
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Get the best pension bridging loan as well as service with a smile

Apply for your pension bridging loan by filling in the application form on Green Door's site or contact them telephonically.

Their offices are located in Cape Town, and all their contact information is available on their website. To qualify for a pension bridging loan, you must be a South African citizen who has recently put in a claim for your pension or provident fund.

The documentation you should keep on hand when applying for this loan are as follows:

  • Your South African ID
  • Your last payslip
  • Your latest bank statement covering the last 90 days
  • Proof of address, for example, a municipal or Telkom account
  • The latest statement from your pension or provident fund provider

As with any other loan you'll be asked to consent to a credit check. A bad credit report or blacklisting may count against you during the application process. In general, it'll just mean that a lender may choose to charge you higher fees to cover the risk you pose.

A good credit record goes a long way

If possible, before you apply for a loan of any kind, try to clear up your credit report. It could open doors for you and save you a lot of money in the long run.

As this is not always possible, another option to consider is a debt consolidation loan. This type of loan will also save you tons of money in the long run and improve your credit report.

The best solution is at your fingertips, take charge and stay financially stable. Apply for your pension bridging loan from Green Door Loans today!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2020

Green Door Loans helped me out when I needed it most. That pension bridging loan was a lifeline.

Glen B
— Cape Town —

September 2020

My provident fund took a long time to payout. A friend told me about Green door, and I must say I loved the service.

Kelly H
— KZN —

December 2019

Thank you, Green Door, I will recommend your services.

Bevely P
— JHB —

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