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Rural Housing Loan Fund

  • Social development
  • Housing grants
  • Low-interest starting from 25%

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About Rural Housing Loan Fund

The rural housing loan fund is an agency of the National Department of Human Settlements.

The RHLF was established in 1996 by the National Department of housing. It was established to enable low-income earners to access small loans that they could afford to repay. The loans are strictly for improving house conditions.

Where you can find RHLF

The Rural housing loan fund is for all South Africans who stay in rural areas. RHLF works with different intermediaries who may be retail, community-based, or NGO housing finance lenders to facilitate the housing of microloans throughout the rural areas of South Africa including small towns and secondary cities.

The RHLF mission

At RHLF they strive to empower rural people to maximise their housing choices as well as improve their living conditions with access to credit from sustainable retail lenders.

They respect values

All they do is help people achieve their dreams of owning homes regardless of how little they earn. They, as RHLF it is wise to have values that keep them accountable for their job. The RHLF values are:

  • They are dedicated to improving the living conditions of rural people.
  • They strongly believe in sustainable, responsible social and economic development.
  • When working as a team, loyalty is key. And practice joint accountability.
  • They practice teamwork as often as possible and straight talk.

Rural Housing Loan Fund Services

Through their intermediary lenders, they can reach all nine provinces of South Africa efficiently.

The RHLF is mostly for rural people who earn a low income. At RHLF they consider a low income as an amount of R15 000 per month.

Rural housing structured loans

Structured loans are the primary products offered at RHLF. They are given to intermediaries to support or develop a home loan operation addressing the need of individual households. Usually, the minimum loan size is R1 million unless the Credit Committee decides otherwise.

The structured loans

All Structured loans are tailored to match the intermediary’s underlying product profile and are given out according to the following criteria:

  • Structured Drawdowns to limit RHLF exposure.
  • All qualifying loans should be matched with Drawdowns and should not allow the intermediary to build up extensive surplus funding.
  • The drawdown schedule and the size of the facility should align with the growth pattern of the intermediary and its capacity to manage growth, so as to avoid potential destabilising effects. While ensuring that all repayment period matches that of the end user.

The Rural Housing Pilot loans

A Pilot loan is designed by RHLF as a venture capital investment instrument to support retail lenders to explore new markets. Usually, out of a pilot loan, a structured loan follows. The RHLF provides up to R5 million to enable an institution to test new ideas.

Rural Housing Loan Fund – Personal loan

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate from 25%

Benefits of Rural Housing Loan Fund

  • Funds within 24 hours
  • Affordable housing funding
  • Flexible repayment terms

Personal loan calculator

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Apply for a loan that will be most suitable for you to build your home

RHLF is mainly for rural development. And it only was given to people who earn a small amount of R15 000.

They regard themselves as an endorser brand, not a micro-financier and they also provide free consumer education.

How you can apply for RHLF loans

RHLF operates as a wholesale Development Finance Institution, an individual that wants an RHLF loan should approach RHLF-approved lenders. They encourage all their borrowers to first get quotes from different lenders to ensure that they can get a better loan outcome. They have intermediates in all 9 provinces.

What do you need to be eligible for RHLF?

For you to be considered for RHLF you should meet their requirements which include:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Resides in rural areas or townships
  • Earn a low amount of R15 000
  • Do you want to buy, build or finance a house

How to get hold of RHLF

Apart from meeting and contacting their intermediates, you can also speak directly with them. You can get hold of RHLF by visiting their offices, their website, or contacting them. You can also engage with RHLF through their Facebook page where they update and educate all their clients about things, they should be aware of when they need a loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

I was staying with my family in two rooms house up until I received a loan from RHLF, I managed to extend my house

Gideon M
— Eastern Cape —

September 2019

I am currently a homeowner because of RHLF. I was offered a loan that has low-interest rates

Matilda T
— Gauteng —

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