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About Policy Trader

Policy Trader has 25 years of collective experience and product knowledge.

They provide financial services to Independent Financial Advisors and related networks. Policy trader is Yield Capital’s division that is determined to deal directly with the public and specialises in solutions to provide cash for restricted policies.

The reason to choose Policy Trader

At Policy Trader all they ever want is to help people improve their life and lifestyle. They can help you turn around any situation and make it benefit you. When you have Policy Trader by your side, you don't have to wait until the maturity date. They can help you turn your restricted policy into cash immediately.

A restricted policy

A restricted policy is a policy that no further lump sum quick loan or surrenders can be made until the end of the restriction period. It often takes 5 years. By following Policy Trader steps, you can turn your restricted policy into cash when you need it most and it will be at a better value than many of the alternative options.

Policy Trader Services

At Policy Trader you get a no-obligation estimate of your policy's value.

With Policy Trader you can still purchase the policy with a loan against it. Their offer is net of any loan or premium debts against the policy and they will first settle the outstanding debts directly with the Life Office or relevant institution.

Cash from restricted policy

At Policy Trader they will fight for you tooth and nail to make sure you get your cash. Never allow those hurtful responses you receive from a life company or financial advisor for extra cash from your endowment policy or structured product to get into you.

Let Policy Trader fight for you

At Policy Trader they have been leading in buying endowment policies and alternative investments with restrictions for many years. They are the only company you can always turn to when you have an endowment policy, structured product, or preference shares and you are interested in seeing what cash value you could get for it.

Policy Trader – Short-term loan

  • Loan Type Short-term loans

Benefits of Policy Trader

  • Quick and easy online applications
  • Trade policies for cash
  • Flexible repayment terms

Short-term loan calculator

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Do not let your money go to waste, apply for Policy Trader today

At Policy Trader they are the mouth of those who cannot speak for themselves.

A policy is an asset which means you can sell it for cash. And at Policy Trader they specialise exactly in that. They buy restricted investment policies, which allows you to increase your cash flow at a better rate than what you would potentially get through alternative channels and financial institutions.

Receive a settlement from Policy Trader

Due to the inflation that is facing South Africans, they know they are desperately in need of cash. Hence, they do not want to keep you waiting. In 48 hours after their office has received the original documentation on a policy they have approved, they transfer the amount to your verified bank account.

Products they are purchasing at Policy Trader

  • They can purchase growth and income plans
  • Policies and investments offered
  • Structured products
  • Life policy issued after 1975 and before 1990
  • All the restricted endowment policy

How to sell your policy to Policy Trader

  • Step 1- Request a valuation from Policy Trader for your restricted policy.
  • Step 2- if you are successfully evaluated, Policy Trader will send you an offer to purchase which will last for 7 days accompanied by all the documentation that needs to be completed for them to buy the policy.
  • Step 3 - if you are happy with everything, you will sign the offer to purchase together with the documentation provided.
  • Step 4 - after they have received the original documents, they will payout to the policyholder within 48 hours.

Policy Trader is the best in the industry

They have an amazing working relationship with Life Offices and Independent Financial Advisors. Policy Trader is completely independent with access to a large capital base which allows them to conclude large transactions quickly. They have online access to some of South Africa’s largest assurers for quick and accurate policy evaluation.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

I was about to leave the company I had insurances at because I felt like they were robbing me up until I sold my policy at Policy Trader. I have money now

Frank H
— Knysna —

October 2019

Policy Trader can help you take control of the insurance company that wants to rob you of your money

Andrew H
— Germiston —

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