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About Kenote Finance

Business loans don't have to be long-drawn-out affairs.

Kenote Finance's solution is available to SMEs and entrepreneurs throughout South Africa. They help you with the finance you'll need to complete the purchase order that could be the next step in your business's growth.

By applying for a loan from Kenote Finance you can save time and money. You will have loan approval within two working days and delivery within a week.

Their service is fast and they are fully committed to the growth of SMEs and Entrepreneurs in all industries.

The documents you'll need to get quick and comprehensive approval are:

Purchase Order

By providing Kenote with the purchase order from your customer you’re giving them an idea of what service or product you need to provide. This is also proof that your customer has accepted your quote and there's an agreement in place.

Item Specifications

Whether you're providing a service or selling stock this document is vital, especially to your supplier. To give you a complete and exact quote they must know the exact specifications of the products you need from them.

Supplier quotes

Providing Kenote Finance with your supplier's quotes gives them the exact costs of the items you need. They will then be able to pay the supplier when the time comes.

Kenote will then take your business loan application form and the necessary documentation and work out a project proposal for you. Their goal is to structure the proposal in such a way that it suits your business and promotes growth.

Kenote Finance Services

The service Kenote Finance offers you will be convenient and hassle-free.

They can offer you a start up business loan or even a small business loan that'll suit your specific needs and not financially cripple you for years to come. Accepting the project proposal from Kenote Finance gets the process started. They will contact the company whose purchase order you are getting business finance for, to confirm it.

At this point in the process, Kenote will need FICA documentation from you. The documentation may differ between CC and (PTY) Ltd businesses.

The following are some of the documents Kenote will need:

  • Your company's registration
  • Original Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Certified copy of the business address
  • BEE Certificate

As a vendor, you'll need to give Kenote more information. They need proof of address for each of the directors. This can be the original document or a certified copy.

Proof of address and the contact information for each director's next of kin is also necessary. This person must be someone who doesn't live with you. Once again the documentation can be originals or certified copies.

If your company has more than one director, you'll need to offer documentation electing one director to have signing power over the account. Kenote pays your supplier through an account they help you set up in the name of your business. Your customer will also use this account to pay for the purchase order when delivery takes place.

Your supplier's company details will be checked using the CIPC, or Companies Intelectual Property Commission database. This will help Kenote verify the existence of the company, its registration number, and its address.

Kenote Finance – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Loan Amount up to R5,000,000
  • Decision 24 hours

Benefits of Kenote Finance

  • Effective and reliable loan options
  • Tailor-made financial solutions
  • Fund and execute purchase orders

Business loan calculator

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Kenote Finance helps to grow small businesses

Kenote Finance has spent the last 4 years fine-tuning its process to give you the best service possible.

They are leading financial providers with your business's best interests at heart.

Reasons why you should apply for a business loan from Kenote Finance:

  • Applying is easy and can you can do it online
  • Purchase order loans are specific and you can pay them back all at once
  • You can get loan approval within two days
  • Delivery to your customer could be done in as little as a week
  • Kenote Finance works with businesses in all industries
  • They will help you secure payment
  • Everyone is welcome

Applying for your Kenote purchase order loan is easy online. Fill out the quick loan application form on their site and remember to have the following documents on hand.

  • Item Specifications
  • A purchase order from your customer
  • Quotes from your chosen supplier

Kenote Finance is an ethical and responsible lender

They’re focused on empowerment and growth in the South African small business sector.

At the end of the day, a reputation for delivering quality products or services quickly will help you to grow your business. A business loan in South Africa from Kenote Finance will help you with the finance to build that kind of reputation.

Kenote stands by you rough out the entire process. They help you to verify information, open a bank account, and get all the relevant documents signed. Kenote will follow up on supplier agreements, delivery notes, and invoices. And in the end, they'll help you secure payment in as short a time as possible.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2020

We use Kenote Finance when we have a big job that needs to be done quickly. In our experience, they are fast and efficient and we recommend them to everyone.

Amandla X
— Northern Cape —

August 2020

Kenote came through for us last year when we were given a municipal contract. I was very impressed with their service.

Kelly J
— Western Cape —

September 2020

Before we found Kenote we had to turn away the kind of work that builds a business. Now when we get a large order we get financing from Kenote and keep growing!

Simphiwe D
— KZN —

Kenote Finance Contact

Physical Address

  • 2nd Floor, Imagine House, 2 Mellis Rd Rivonia Sandton 2128 South Africa
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Opening Hours

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