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About Better Compare

Better Compare is rapidly becoming one of South Africa’s favourite comparison platform.

From insurance and medical aid to finance - if there are multiple credit providers, they’ll help you compare them.

They do not provide insurance, are not brokers, and most importantly, are not a lender. If you want to see what’s available on the market and compare prices, their comparison services are ideal.

A much-loved, highly-rated service

Better Compare come highly recommended and rated by their users. People simply admire their speed and accuracy and can’t say enough about their excellent customer service.

An independent comparison platform

Better Compare pride themselves in being both impartial and independent. This means that they offer you quotes on desired services such as loans and credit cards based on the actual characteristics and features of those products.

In contrast to many other comparison sites that list options based on which products and lenders they have a commission set-up with. This excludes competitive deals that you may have benefited from greatly.

The goal is to help you save

With so many deals available on the market, it really pays to compare options. Whether you need to change your insurance plan or take out a business loan, knowing what’s available will help you save. And this is exactly what Better Compare are here to help you do.

Better Compare Services

Looking for a credit card? You’ll notice that there are far too many different options available and that it can be almost impossible to compare these.

Not only would it take far too long but the sheer number of variations will make it nearly impossible. By using Better Compare you can narrow down your search to a handful of products that meet your core needs and then make a decision based on rates or features.

Other finance options available

Better Compare can also help you compare other finance options such as personal loans and mortgages. If you’re looking to take out a loan, why not take the time to see what’s out there?

Even if you opt to choose your everyday bank, knowing what else is available will put you in a great position.

Not only will you be able to negotiate terms but you’ll be in the position to request that interest rates and fees be matched.

If you’re unsure about any of the quotes, products, or lenders you can simply contact a Better Compare consultant and they’ll help you sort things out.

Compare and make an informed decision

In addition to credit cards and loans, you can compare a range of insurance products, medical aid schemes and travel offers from some of the best providers on the market.

Better Compare – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards

Benefits of Better Compare

  • Apply for a credit card online
  • Get fast approval
  • Earn benefits and points

Find the best credit card with Better Compare

When making use of Better Compare’s site, you won’t have to complete a formal loan application - that you’ll do with the credit card provider or lender that you select.

What you’ll need to do is answer a few simple questions and then compare the quotes or search results before selecting the best option.

So how does it work?

Better Compare will ask you a few simple questions and then, based on your answers will show you the products that will most likely meet your needs - and that you’ll most likely be approved for.

This services compare all of the options available and list them based on which is the most affordable. They’re also big on online security and privacy and ensure top-level data encryption.

A free service with top-notch support

Better Compare does not charge a cent for their services. This means that you get access to near whole-of-market offers in real-time at no cost to you! They also have a team of consultants standing by, ready to assist you if you need it.

Better Compare also have a great range of informative articles that will help you navigate the overly-complex world of personal finance and insurance with confidence.

Get in touch with Better Compare

You can access Better Compare’s service by leaving them your contact info and waiting for a call-back, by calling them directly, or by answering a few questions and getting the quotes and offers online.

Once you’ve selected an offer it will be up to you to complete the application process with the chosen lender. This includes completing a formal online loan application, uploading supporting documentation and signing your final agreement.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2020

I couldn’t decide on which option was best and contacted a consultant. He was able to guide me by explaining the benefits of each very clearly. I recommend them to all!

Gift N
— Soweto —

August 2020

I swear by Better Compare. They’ve helped me find affordable insurance and I recently took out a credit card they suggested - I’m pleased with the end results.

Piercy R
— East London —

April 2020

If you’re looking for a loan, insurance or medical aid, give these guys a try, you won’t regret it. It’s so quick and easy and you’ll find options and offers you didn’t even know existed.

Shannon J
— Cape town —

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